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Golf, and particularly indoor golf, is growing in popularity and demand in recent years. The idea that one can still enjoy their favourite sport without the worry of rain or shine, and in the comfort of a luxurious club, has appealed thousands of golf enthusiasts around the world.

It's time that you too tap on the immense potential of indoor golf. From Asia to Europe, Australasia to the Americas, we are looking at the next phenomenon of high-end sport.

'It’s got to the point where if someone is going to spend two hours doing something recreationally right now, they really are going to enjoy the money, they’re spending on a golf simulator,' - Cody Miller, Golf Enthusiast

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We are expanding across borders, and we want to invite you to grow with us. Have the opportunity to run a business with top-class resources the moment you begin:

  • All-in-one complete golf simulator technology
  • Academy of trained golf professionals and coaches
  • Beautiful and optimised design for your club members
  • Integrated Dashboard
  • Extensive and reliable support network
  • Resources to kickstart your club


Hidden Castle Golf Club tees off as the largest indoor golf social club in Singapore. Ideal for private gatherings and corporate events alike, there are exclusive lounges and social spaces made to serve the networking, hosting parties, and even congregation spots for club tournaments.

Elevate your next event, private or corporate, at our premier venue

For details, contact or +65 8200 9649

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